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Hello out there!

Here is the short(ish) version.

I’m Katherine. I’m a full-time writer and part-time vampire slayer. I live in Maine where the weather is moody, the waves are rough and the ghosts of local legends will run you off Thrill Hill if you’re not careful.

I like to write stories about the places where the strange and supernatural meet our very real human struggle. I’m drawn to tales of spitfire girls and survivors, those who hunt monsters (and those who become them), family legacies and new twists on old magic.

For those of you who want a little more…

By day I work as a copywriter and content strategist. I specialize in story, strategy and content development. I write for think tanks like MIT, global brands like Bose, Aflac and Disney, tech startups and media outlets.  Prior to this I worked in corporate marketing and film and television development.

I’m a Dramatic Lit & Film Studies graduate of New York University and during my pound-the-pavement years in Los Angeles I worked in film and  television development. I cut my teeth reading every story in the slush pile of screenplays and manuscripts (and celebrated with awkward air fist pumps every time a story that delivered all the feels made it through the gauntlet of Hollywood). There was also that month I worked as a stand-in on a TV show and moonlighted as the worst fake stunt woman in the history of fake stunt women (see FUN FACTS below).

I’m a wellness warrior. Sometimes I like to don my super hero cape to support organizations that use the power of writing and art to help others heal. I can decode a medical lab like a pro and I’m not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the nasty dragons feeding on the healthcare system.

I think I always knew that the writer’s journey was for me. Stories have the power to ignite hearts, open minds and bring joy. Who wouldn’t want a little more of that?

Fun facts

Thanks to a power outage on the night I was born, the hospital staff was forced to perform a very complex procedure called Eenie Meenie Miney Mo to pick my birth date. This explains everything.

Adaptive sports are my jam and I’m passionate about programs that help others transform obstacles into opportunities.

Surfing is my nirvana.

I earned my first Hollywood paycheck riding a horse in a made-for-television movie. I rode the horse into a fence (let’s just say I’m better off behind the camera).

I’ve called New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston home. But nothing compares to a perfect day of waves at my hometown beach break.